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with Hungary

Created: 2014.09.22 / Updated: 2015.03.24 16:36
Hungary recognized Lithuania de jure on 24 August 1991.
Diplomatic relations were established on 2 September 1991.
From 1995 to 1998, Jurgis Brėdikis served as the first Ambassador of Lithuania to Hungary after the re-establishment of independence (resided in the Czech Republic).
From 1991 to 1994, Béla Javorszky served as the first Ambassador of Hungary to Lithuania (resided in Finland).

Historical facts of interest

In 1386, after the convincing efforts by Hungarian and Polish envoys, Jogaila (Jagello) the Grand Duke of Lithuania accepts baptism as a Roman Catholic. He then marries to Hedwig, the daughter of the Hungarian and Polish King Louis I (the Great) and is crowned as a King of Poland.

Jagellonians on a throne of Hungary:

The years 1440-1444 Ulaszlo I son of Jogaila
The years 1490-1516 Ulaszlo II grandson of Jogaila
The years 1516-1526 Louis II grand-grandson of Jogaila

In 1576 Istvan Bathory (Stephen Bathory) the Duke of Transilvania is crowned as the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania. Among his major merits to Lithuania one could mention the act of confirmation of the equality of Lithuania and Poland in the  “Republic of Two Nations” (this was the official name of the State of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania); facilitation of the establishment of Vilnius University in 1579; establishment of the Lithuanian Supreme Tribunal as the Supreme Appeal Court for Lithuanian nobility; carried through successful reorganization and modernization of Lithuanian military forces and took Livonia back from Russia, as well as pushed Russia away from the Baltic ports.

In the years 1577-1579 under the invitation of Stephen Bathory a famous Hungarian General Gaspar Bekes was successfully leading Lithuanian military units to protect the interests of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. A hill in the center of Vilnius, where Gaspar Bekes was buried, is named after him.

Diplomatic representation in modern times

In 1924 diplomatic relations between the Republic of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Hungary were established. In the period between the two World Wars Lithuanian envoy to Hungary resided in Berlin. J.L. Vitez Pesthy Mueller acted as Lithuanian Honorary Consul General in Budapest. The Hungarian diplomatic representative to Lithuania resided in Helsinki. Hungary had Honorary Consulate in Kaunas, the temporary capital of Lithuania, as well.

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